What Is The GPU? How Does It Work?

What is the GPU? How does the GPU work? What is the important difference between CPU and GPU? Friends, in today’s article you will learn about GPU. So you must read this article completely.

Welcome friends to your Digital Tech Akshay blog once again. In this blog, you get to read articles about computers, smartphones, different websites, and new technologies. In the previous article, you read what is the CPU? But today I am going to tell you about the GPU. So let’s start today’s topic.

A computer is an electronic device that is most used today, whether it is in the office, at home and anywhere else, but the use of computers is much more. As we are moving forward, there are many changes in technology too. Today we are living in the 21st century. Today, more than half of all our work is done through computers and mobiles. Today, computers, smartphones, and laptops are the most used electronic devices.

Many parts are required to run a computer. Such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard-disc, graphics card and CPU. CPU is a very important part of both computers and smartphones. Apart from this, very high-performance processors are installed in computers and smartphones. Which increases the processing speed of the device. And we call this processor GPU. Whenever we go to the showroom to get a new computer and laptop, we hear about the CPU and GPU in their specifications.

What is the GPU?:-

GPUs are called graphical processing units. It is also called the advanced version of the CPU. Which performs all the graphical calculations of the computer. Computer graphics are called computer-created pictures, videos, animated short video clips, and movies. Any image or visual we see on the screen of our computer and smartphone is called graphics.

Graphical Processing Unit

Nowadays high graphics applications are coming in computers and smartphones. And due to load on CPU, CPU was not able to run these applications fast. That is why GPUs were created to make the CPU work easier.

How does the GPU work?:-

One of the main functions of the GPU is to reduce the load of the CPU. The GPU’s job is to render the images so that the image is displayed on the screen fast. It uses the technology of parallel processing. With this, the GPU is able to do graphical calculations in many computers at the same time very fast. This improves the quality of images and videos.

In the same way, whatever applications or programs run in the smartphone, it handles the processor. And whatever visuals appear on the screen such as animations, videos, images, sweeping, pop-ups, and games are all handled by the GPU. So in this way CPU and GPU work together with each other for processing.

Where is the GPU used and How?:-

In computers and smartphones, GPUs are more needed for gaming software. Because high graphics and 3D animations are used a lot in gaming. And only GPU can run it. Whenever you edit an image or video on a computer. So GPU is the most used at that time. Like CPU, GPU also has a multicore processor installed. This results in better computer performance. GPUs are used in computer devices and smartphones in two ways.

1) The GPU is already integrated with the computer. That is, it remains part of the processor of the computer. Which handles all the graphics of the system. For example, if a computer has an Intel processor, it can see the extent of intel graphics in the system.

Similarly, if a smartphone has a Qualcomm processor, then Antonio GPU is available there. Which you will find in Google Pixel Sony, Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi and LG company smartphones. Or if your Media-Tech processor is installed then Mali GPU is available there. This is used in some models of Samsung and Hawaii smartphones. These are integrated with the Gopiu processor as well as the device.

2) The method of using GPU is dedicated. This is used only for laptops and computers. Because it is applied separately from the external way. If on the computer you like to play games. But the system does not have a good graphic card. So while playing the game you get the problem of lagging.

To solve this problem you have an option that you can easily purchase any graphic card separately and get it installed in your system. For example, GPU of AMD, Intel & Video and ARM makes gaming performance good. And the gaming software of large files can also run smoothly in your device.

What is the important difference between GPU and CPU?:-

1) Both GPU and CPU is a processor. Which completes all the tasks of computer hardware and software. The CPU in a computer is a generally proposed processor that does all the work. Like you do mathematical calculations in it or work in MS Word and Excel, watch movies or songs, browse the Internet and do some CPU work.

But the GPU is a special proposed processor that handles only the graphics of your computer. The GPU processes all the visuals that appear on the computer. CPU work in this task is very less.

2) CPU computer carries out all types of input/output tasks. And GPU helps in faster graphics work in the system. It is designed to fulfill a septic task.

3) Very few courses are seen in the CPU. This slows down the pace of its functioning. But GPUs have many times more cores than CPU. Which increases the speed of the computer.

4) CPU cores work on the technology of serial processing. And complete only one task at a time. GPU consists of parallel architectural cores, which carry out multiple tasks at a time. This is the reason that the quality of the video and image is good because of the GPU.

5) CPU requires more computer memory for processing tasks. And GPUs require less memory for processing. The GPU is specialized and cannot replace CPU functions. The CPU can perform the functions of a GPU but is very slow which is why it is important for both computer devices and smartphones.

Friends, in this article today we learned what is GPU? And how does it work? Also, we have found out what is the difference between CPU and GPU? I am sure you have got all the information about the GPU. If you have any question in your mind then please comment me below.

In the future, I will write articles for you filled with similar digital technology so that you can get all the information about every subject. So friends, do not forget to share my article, see you in the next article with a new topic.



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