What Is The CPU? How Does CPU Works?

What is the CPU? Why the CPU is called the brain of the computer? What is the main function of the CPU? There are many questions that often bother you. In today’s article, I am going to tell you about the CPU. So you must read this article of mine.

Welcome friends to the Digital Tech Akshay blog once again. Where you get to read digital technology-related articles. Today’s topic is the CPU. Cpu is an integral part of a computer. Just like we have a brain in our body and the brain controls all the processes happening in our body. In the same way, the computer also has CPU and CPU controls all the processes happening in and out of the computer. That is why the CPU is called Brain of The computer. It handles and controls all the instructions given by the user.


Today computer technology is growing rapidly and as advancement in computer technology is taking place, we are needing very fast CPU to process more and more complex processes and functions. We need to advance CPU when we handle multiple processes simultaneously, this is also technically called multitasking. Therefore, software and hardware developers are always engaged in making better CPU.

If you do some basic work, then there is no need to get a more advanced CPU. You can also do your work on the computer comfortably with normal CPU and you will not have to spend much money.

What is the CPU?:-

Friends CPU is a full form central processing unit. It is hardware. CPU is found in the computer in chip form. Which follow, control and later process all the instructions of the computer program. It handles all the important tasks of a computer system such as arithmetical, logical, input/output operations.

We call CPU by many names, such as central processing unit, microprocessor or even just simple processor. The CPU processes all the instructions received from all the software and hardware of the computer, no matter how small. That’s why the CPU is the most and most important part of a computer.

In the advancement in CPU technology, one thing is encouraged more in it is that how can the transistors present in the CPU be small and small? This is the reason why this CPU can be made more efficient and its speed can be increased several times.

How does CPU work?:-

We already know that the work that the CPU does is very important for the computer, but now we will know how the CPU works in ecology? CPU manly works in three steps fetch, decode and execute.

1) Fetch: -

In this, the instruction given by the user to the computer is received. Instruction is also given by the computer keyboard, mouse. This means that the series of numbers is passed from RAM to CPU. Then the computer and instruction are placed in the instruction register. After that, the computer length is extended so that it can be referenced to the next instruction address.

2) Decode: -

As soon as the instruction is fetched and stored in the instruction register, then CPU passes that instruction. In a circuit that we technically call an instruction decoder. It then converts the instruction into signals that are later passed on by other CPU parts for further action.

3) Execute: -

This is the last step of the CPU, in which decode instructions are sent to CPU relay parts to complete. Then the results are often written in the CPU register, where they can be referenced by letter instruction. And by processing the instruction CPU, it functions on the computer.

What is the important part of the CPU?

1) Memory: -

This unit stores the system’s instruction, data. The memory of the CPU provides information to all other units. It is also known as an internal storage unit and random access memory. Its size affects its speed, power, and capability. Primary memory consists of two such memory which is already present on the computer. Which we call as RAM & ROM.

It stores all the data and instructions needed for processing. This stores the final results processing when they are not even released in the output device. All the input and output devices of the computer are transmitted by the main memory.

2) Control Unit: -

By the name, you will know what work it does? The control unit basically controls the operations of all the parts of a computer. It is used to control the transfer of data and instruction to the computer. Which is used to transfer other units of the computer? The control unit manages and coordinates all the units of the computer. It receives instructions from memory, then interprets them and uses them to direct those operations to the computer. It communicates with the input/output devices for data transfer and for results from storage.

3) Arithmetic logic unit: -

It consists of an arithmetic unit and a logic unit.

a) Arithmetic logic unit: -

The function of this arithmetic unit is that it performs all the complex operations in the computer such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

b) Logic unit: -

This unit performs all logic operations such as composing, selecting, matching and merging operations. There are many simple and simple things in it.

Types of CPU: -

Central Processing Unit

We know that the CPU is a very important component of a computer. Which handles and processes all the instructions and calculations. To whom it is sent from other computer components. The speed at which software programs work also depends on the CPU. That is why it is important that you choose the right CPU so that it can fulfill the need of all tasks.

1) Single-core CPU: -

Single-core CPU is the oldest type of CPU. These types of CPUs were first used in computers. In a single-core CPU, only one operation can be performed once, so this is not the right option for multitasking. When we want to run more than one function, the performance of a single-core CPU is reduced.

2) Dual-Core CPU: -

A dual-core CPU is similar to a single CPU but has two cores and hence it functions like two CPU. Where in single-core CPU we can complete the same task once, if more operation is to be done, then dual-core CPU can handle multitasking very comfortably.

3) Quad-core CPU: -

Quad-core CPU are further refinements of multicore CPU design and features four cores in a single CPU. For example, the workload is split into a dual-core CPU. Larger multitasking tasks can be done in a quad-core CPU even more.

When you go to buy a laptop, then you will get the CPU of AMD and Intel on many laptops. Both of these company’s CPUs are very good and also give very good efficiency. CPU is a very important component in laptop and desktop computers. CPU is also used in very big luxury cars. So you must have understood how important CPU is?

Friends, if you have any questions about this topic, then definitely ask me. This topic is very technical. To understand the CPU, you also have to watch videos on YouTube. Nevertheless, I have tried to cover all the points in this article. I will definitely write another article about the CPU in the future. So let’s meet friends with a new topic in the next article.



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