What is HTML? With Complete Information!

What is HTML? How is HTML used? What is the tag of HTML? You will find answers to all these questions in this article. Friends, today I am going to tell you about HTML. So do read the article till the end.

Welcome friends to my blog Digital Tech Akshay. In this blog, you get information about digital platforms, best applications, and websites. Along with this, you also get information about technical terms. In the previous article, we learned what is Google AdSense? And you must have liked this article.

Today everyone keeps searching online and offline ways to earn money. Talking about online, we earn a lot of money through blogging, YouTube, affiliate marketing, and freelancing. Talking about blogging, we have to take care of a lot of things like quality content, SEO, Google ranking, topics, writing, blog design, etc.

New and old bloggers know that the design of the blog is based on HTML. The theme of Blog is created from HTML. So guys, Today in this article, I am giving information about what is HTML?. let’s start Friends today’s topic.

We should have a thorough knowledge of HTML. Because in the blogging world, if a blogger wants to be successful, then it is very important for a blogger to have knowledge of HTML. Friends, you must read this article completely.

What Is HTML?:-

HTML is called hypertext markup language. It is a computer language used to create a website. HTML is a markup language created for documents. And with the help of this language, any document can appear on the web browser.

What is HTML? How is HTML used? What is the tag of HTML? You will find answers to all these questions in this article.

CSS and JavaScript are used to give it a look. This language is very simple and simple compared to other computer languages ​​like C, C ++, JAVA, etc., it can be easily used by anyone.

With the help of HTML, we can create our website. Later any person in the world can view the website through the Internet. HTML was discovered by Physicist Tim Berners Lee in the year 1980 in Geneva.

HTML This is an independent language platform that can be used in any operating system such as Windows and Linus.

HTML is a markup language that web browsers use to interpret and create text, images, and other content in visual or audible web pages.

How Is HTML Used?:-

Creating webpages using HTML is very easy. For this, you need a text editor such as notepad in which HTML code can be written and a web browser such as Google chrome in which your website can be searched and which Internet users can view.

HTML is made up of a series of shortcodes that we can write in Notepad, these shortcodes are called tags in the programming language. HTML tags tell the browser how and where elements written inside that tag can be displayed on the website.

HTML provides you with a lot of tags that give an attractive look to your website using graphics, font size, and colors. After writing the HTML code, your document has to be saved. To save it, it is necessary to write HTM or HTML with the name of the HTML file only then it will show your HTML document in your browser or else.

After saving, you will need to open the browser to view your HTML document. That browser will read your HTML file and translate your correctly written code to show your website correctly.

Your web browser does not see HTML tags in the website but uses those tags to properly view your document.

What Are HTML Tags?:-

There are two types of tags in HTML. An opening tag and closing tag. These tags are also called start and end tags. In HTML only come in pairs. Such as <h1> </h1> Ur <h2> </h2> etc. The text between <html> and </html> is described as appearing on the web page, and the text between <body> and </body> is visible content.

Some tags such as <img> are used to embed images. Some elements, such as line breaks <br>, do not allow any embedded content, either text or further tags. These only require an empty tag and do not use the last tag.

Note that the name of the last tag is preceded by a slash character, /and that the end tag is neither required nor allowed in empty elements. If attributes are not mentioned, the default values ​​are used in each case.

In HTML, use <head> ……. </head> for the header. This tag contains your title include. In HTML, tags are used from <h1> to <h> for heading topics. H1 tag is the largest and the H4 tag is the smallest. You must use the <a> tag to create a link. Link tag </a> is closed. Friends, in this way we can use tags in HTML.

Friends, we get plugins in WordPress but in Blogger we have to write coding with the help of HTML if we want to add a feature. In Blogger, we have to go through the HTML section of the theme and make changes according to our own. That is why we need to have a lot of knowledge of HTML coding.

Friends, today’s article what is HTML? You must have liked it. However, if you have any questions about HTML, then please comment on me. Do not forget to follow, like my social media accounts. Let’s meet with friends in the next article.



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