PromoteTop ways to promote business online For Free !! For New Entrepreneur

Top ways to promote business online for free!! For New Entrepreneur? How to market our business online for free? How to do business online? In today’s article, you will learn about online business. So, friends, you must read the article till the end.

The lockdown has occurred worldwide today. The whole people are closed in their homes, in which the economy of all countries has suffered a lot. All types of low hinges have been affected.

Today I will tell you in this article how you can market your business-related products, services to online people for free? What are the ways in which you can take the business online? So friends, let’s start today’s article.

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What Is An Online Business?:-

Accessing and selling products and services done on the internet, this process is called online business. Offline means whatever business we do in the local area around our shop without using the internet is called offline business.

Just like we do different offline advertisements to sell products and services to people like banners, newspaper ads, etc. In the same way, we can reach our business online to as many people as possible.

Top ways to promote online businesses for new entrepreneurs !!

In the offline mode, we need a lot of documents. Government permission has to be obtained to run the business, but we do not need any kind of documents to do business online. All we need to do is set up the professional set of our business.

If you look at websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, then you will know how these companies reach their business online to millions of people. Only the work of distributing products of these companies is offline, the rest is done according to the instruction given on their online website.

The customer books the order according to the instructions on these websites and the company delivers the order to the customer at the stated time.

In this way, you can prepare your business online and reach millions of people with the help of the internet, social media sites, blogs, websites.

Top Ways To Promote Business Online: -

Let us know which are the ways by which a new entrepreneur can make their business accessible to people online.

1) Blog Or Website: -

If you want to reach your business and products and services through the internet, then you have to make a good professional website in the name of your business.

Promote your business through blog and websites

Creating a website gives the business a professional and user-friendly look. On the business website, you can remove the customer’s confusion by adding details about your products and services.

You can win the trust of the customer by giving all information about yourself and your business through the business website. A website is the best way to promote online business which is used by all people today.

You can make a website by making some investment or even for free. If you use WordPress to create a website, then you have to buy the domain name and website hosting. WordPress is a much more popular platform on the Internet today.

You can create a website for free on, which is Google’s free platform. In this, you get a free sub-domain and free Google’s hosting, free SSL certificate.

Google also provides you a platform for free and by using which you can create a professional website for your business, its name is Google Site. You have to manually add all the things to the Google site. You can design and publish your website according to your needs.

By creating a website, you will get more user engagement on the Internet and your online sale will start more.

2) Facebook Page:-

Facebook is the number 1 social networking site as of today and there are over 2 billion monthly active users on this site. So you can think that how many people can reach your business online.

Promote your business with help of Facebook page

All you have to do is create your page on Facebook and add products to it and join your business-related groups and keep sharing the page and products on these groups.

On the Facebook page, you get the separate option of a shop, in which you can add your products or services. Today, with the help of the FB page big & small businesses reach more people with their products and services.

3) Whatsapp Business: -

Whatsapp app is a daily use app for instant messaging and Whatsapp has also launched a Whatsapp business app for businesses.

With the help of Whatsapp Business App, you can take your business online for free in a very simple and better way to the customer. More than 15 million people in India run the businesses on Whatsapp business daily. So you can know from this that through Whatsapp you can also take your business online.

In Whatsapp business, you have to set up your business in a very simple way. You can add your products and services to it and reach them to your customer through Whatsapp.

You can also add the number of Whatsapp businesses to your Facebook business page and customers coming to Facebook will be able to contact you through Whatsapp business.

Friends, the Whatsapp business app will help you to grow the online business a lot because you are very much benefited by this if Facebook and Whatsapp are connected to each other.

Friends above 3 methods by which new entrepreneurs market their businesses online for free.

4) Business-Related Apps: -

If you search for the business-related any words on the Google Play Store, then many business-related applications will start showing in front of you.

On Google Play Store, you will find a lot of good apps to make the business accessible to people on the Internet. You can use them by looking at their reviews, ratings, user downloads.

I am going to talk to you about the good business-related apps in the next article, but till then you will have to wait a bit. Because I have heard that the fruit of patience is sweet.

5) Paid Business Website: -

Friends internet is a different world. If you search for anything in this internet world, you will get information about it. The search revealed that the blog has been rated as the 5th most trusted source for online information gathering.

You will find a lot of internet websites that help you in setting up your business online. This website provides you with a platform, with the help of which you can give complete convenience to your customer.

Some plans of the website are free, then some plans are paid or you are given the platform to use on a free trial of 14 days. If you have to take your business to the top, then initially you will have to invest money, or else with the help of other methods, you will be able to grow the business online for free.

Instamojo and Shopify sites provide you a platform to create stores for businesses on the Internet.

In the Shopify store, you get 14 days free trial and in the Istamojo store you get unlimited plans monthly and early free but you get a lot less feature in Instamajo free plan.

Friends, if you want to invest in your business in the beginning, then you will be able to grow your business online by creating a store on one of these two sites.

६) Advertisement: -

Advertise your business on the internet. This is a paid way to grow your business. But many people are growing their business professionally through advertisements on social media sites.

If we have seen, we spend more and more time on social networking sites and if we advertise on these social sites, then you guess how much time our business will reach thousands of people?.

According to different social platforms, the rate of advertisement is different and you have to follow their rules.

7) Join E-Commerce Website: -

Amazon provides you the platform of Amazon Seller to sell your products on the Internet. This service is absolutely free, only you have to set your seller account on Amazon according to the rules of Amazon and you can sell your products through Amazon.

Amazon does all the work of delivery and packaging, you just have to list the products in your business seller account of Amazon and Amazon makes all the processes as soon as the order arrives.

India Mart is also an e-commerce platform from which you can bring customers of your business on this website.

Friends, after joining with the top e-commerce platforms like Amazon and India-Mart, your business will grow significantly.

Conclusion: -

Friends, there are many ways to promote an online business, but I told you about the methods that I feel are right, which is your choice, which method you adopt.

If you want to give a more professional appearance to your business, then you will have to invest otherwise you can also use the free platform.

Whatever platform you use, you will have to give a quick response, they will have to give good service, they will have to give a good response so that the customer trust in you.

Friends, in today’s article you know the top ways to promote online business for new entrepreneurs. How did you like this article, please comment and tell. Do not forget to share. Do not forget to subscribe to the blog.

If you have a question about any other topic, then definitely comment and ask. So let’s meet friends in the next new article.



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