Google Adsense Approval Tips For Beginners!! In 2020

Top Google Adsense Approval Tips in 2020! How to approve Google Adsense in 2020? What points do we need to consider before accepting Google AdSense? How to get approval from Google AdSense for beginners?. Friends, today you are going to get answers to these questions, so you must read this article completely so that you will get the approval of Google Adsense soon.

Today, people who are in the field of blogging know about Google Adsense. But the new bloggers or those who are thinking of starting blogging should pay attention to some things about Google Adsense, on what basis do you get the approval of Google Adsense?

Whether you are using Blogger or WordPress, you do everything to get the approval of Google Adsense. But still, due to some reason, Adsense rejects your application.

That is why today I am going to tell you in detail about all the points in this article, with the help of which you will get the approval of Google Adsense soon. So let’s start today’s article.

Hello friends, welcome to your Digital Tech Akshay blog. In the last two articles, you learned what is search engine optimization? This will help you rank your blog more.

Let’s know what those points are? On which we have to pay special attention before applying Google Adsense.

Blog Niche: -

First of all, you have to select a good niche, who has a lot of knowledge. If you do not have good knowledge of your blog niche, then you can think that you will have a lot of problems with writing articles.

When you do not write the article yourself, you will either copy-paste or translate it, then its quality will be reduced. This means that the quality of the article that you want will not come at all and your article will not be SEO friendly either.

If you are confident you use an article spinner or your English is very good if you are writing an article in English. So you can convert it into your language. By doing a few words back and forth, you can definitely make it a unique article.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to write unique and SEO friendly articles so that the article can be ranked quickly in Google.

Blog Language: -

You have selected your blog niche. Now you have to select the language of the blog. Google’s rule is that it gives approval of Google Adsense over some language. If you do not know, I have given you the link below.

From here you can see in which language your language is coming? If the language of your blog is not showing in this category, then writes any number of articles, you will never get the approval of Google Adsense.

You will have to select the proper language of your blog according to the language fixed by Google and write all the articles.

Top-Level Domain Names: -

You have to get a top-level domain name for your blog. Because this will rank your blog quickly in Google. Top-level domains are the most important and they have a lot of advantages in Google ranking.

Although they are expensive but with the help of these top-level domains, your blog gets ranked, traffic also comes more and your Google Adsense income also starts increasing.

That’s why you have to purchase a top-level domain. Such top domains are worldwide famous & And people trust on these sites connected to them. You have to use top domains like .com, .net, .org.

If your blog is created inside, then its domain name is In this, friends you get the approval of Google Adsense, but it takes at least 4–5 months to get approval.

If you want to take the approval of Google Adsense quickly, then you will have to buy a top-level domain. You can purchase it from any website, it does not matter but the top-level domain must be yours.

Responsive Mobile Friendly Template: -

You have to use SEO, user, and mobile-friendly blog template for your blog. In today’s date, there are many templates that have not been updated, it is neither user-friendly nor mobile-friendly, so you must take care of this.

Whenever you download any template from any website, you must not see the last update of Blogger or WordPress, then open it in the mobile version and see if the template is mobile-friendly or not.

But do not be deceived in this, the design of the template is good, its look is good, so let’s use this template. Because Friends is such a template that is not updated but it looks very good to see. So do not make such mistakes at all, otherwise, you will have difficulty in approving the AdSense.

Before downloading any blog template, you must see the demo of it. It should have a header menu, footer menu, and main menu. Navigation should be it’s good. You see these things well in the demo of the template and only then use it for your blog.

SSL Certificate: -

Friends, if you have a website on WordPress, it is very important to have an SSL certificate active within the hosting of your website. If you select such web hosting that gives you an SSL certificate for free, otherwise it will not be of any use to you.

You will have to purchase an SSL certificate again. You will also buy web hosting & an SSL certificate. This is not a good thing, but everything else is your choice of how you buy web hosting.

In Blogger you already have SSL Certificate ‘ON’ for free. So bloggers do not have to take any tension. But if you are buying any web hosting, then know whether you are getting an SSL certificate with it.

Content: -

Friends, remember that for any blog, its content is everything. You should have a good knowledge of your blog niche, only then you can prepare a good content.

You are using article spinners, copy-pasting, translating, and converting content into unique articles. If you write an article between 1200–1400 words, even if you write only one article in a day, you will get the approval of Google AdSense soon.

If you can write 2–3 articles a week, then you must write, but you must write a continued article. And when you write an article, there should be absolutely no illegal content in it. Such as movie-mp3 downloading, software downloading, no adult content, thus like this you do not write an article. Because such a blog does not give approval. And at least you have to let your website be one month old.

Now you have a point to think Friends, that you have written all the articles in 15–20 days and you have submitted the application for approval, you have also got approval but traffic is not coming on your website. So what is the benefit of taking that approval?

If you do not have your income, then take the approval of Google Adsense on any blog as you wish, your earnings will not be there at all from any ad network. So you have to take care of this thing. Whenever you have to take approval, at least after one or two months, you have to keep a regular post for one month.

If you do not have a single post daily, then at least you must put 3–4 posts within a week and keep publishing the article till you get the approval of Google Adsense.

Maximum people make the same mistake that some people do not put the article in those days, so what do friends Google AdSense think that it has to take just approval and after this, it does not have to put the article, then do not make this mistake.

Even before taking approval of Google Adsense and after taking approval, you will have to write articles only then you will get an approval of Google AdSense

Until you get an email from AdSense, you will keep posting articles, then you will get a benefit from this, if you do not give the article, it will become a little negative and then you will not get the approval of AdSense soon.

Let your website be ranked properly, let the article be ranked, then traffic will start, only then your income will start. And when traffic is coming, you can get benefits very quickly with Google Adsense. And it would not have been written anywhere that if 100–200 days of traffic should come to your website, then you will get the approval of Google Adsense.

Do not worry about traffic at all if you want to take the approval of Google Adsense. There is no use of Google Adsense without traffic because your earning will not happen at all.

Copy-Right Content: -

Everyone knows this, I do not need to tell it in more detail. You do not use any copyrighted content in your blog at all. Neither images nor content means not copy-pasting the article.

If you copy and paste some other content, then Google gets to know all those things when your AdSense application goes for the review. This does not make your blog unique, so Google Adsense does not give approval on copy-paste content.

If the content owner is found out, then he can strike copyright on your blog by reporting to Google and you will have to delete that article from your blog.

Google Adsense Alternative: -

If you are applying Google Adsense and before that, you are using an alternative ad network, then you will have to remove it. Until you get the approval of Google AdSense, you do not have to use any alternative ad network of Google AdSense.

Once you take the approval of Google Adsense, after that whatever is a compatible network with Google AdSense, then you use the same network. But go to that ad network and read that which ads are compatible with Google Adsense.

Do not take any risk at all, so that your account of Google Adsense becomes disabled and its alternative ad network account is also closed. So both of you do not stay in the greed of using the ads network at all.

Mostly everyone considers Google Adsense to be the best and with it, no other ad network is used, but it is your decision whether you want to use an ad network with any other ad or not.

Pages: -

When you are doing everything on your website, then you must create some pages. Such as about us, contact us, disclaimer, terms and conditions, and privacy policy, etc.

About us, privacy policy, contact us, these three pages are very important and these pages should be on your blog. If you want to make it, you can create the terms and conditions and disclaimer. You must create these pages for AdSense approval.

Navigation Menu:-

When any user comes to your blog, he gets to know your blog with the help of the navigation menu of your blog. That is why the navigation menu of your blog should be good. The user should have ease in using the blog.

The main menu that is at the top of the template, many people add all the pages inside it, which means Disclaimer, About Us, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and the labels that are given inside the article, then add it to the main menu. Just don’t. So you don’t have to make this mistake at all.

Nowadays, friends all the templates that come in Header & Footer have two menus in them, but apart from this, the main menu also has an option. In the main menu, you will put the labels of your article and you can add your pages, social links in the header, and footer.

Such as your sitemap, contact us, about us, privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions page. You must create a navigation menu. So that there is no problem in approving the AdSense.

Google Search Console: -

By now you have understood all the above points and applied them to your blog and prepared it for AdSense. But whenever you complete all these things in your blog, then you have to go to Google Search Console and add your blog.

The XML sitemap has to be generated and added inside the Google search console. And you all know that it takes a little time to get a website ranked inside Google.

So you have to manually go to the URL inspection, enter the name of your website or you can submit a link to your article to be indexed in Google. You can see whether or not they are unfit and mobile-friendly on Google by examining your articles. By processing this whole process, your blog will be ranked within 24 hours within Google.


Friend, SEO is very important for a blog to rank in Google. If you do not know what SEO is? And how to do SEO?, I have written an article on SEO, you must read it.

When you are creating an account of AdSense for the first time, then you must read the rules and privacy policy of AdSense once. Do not be afraid of AdSense approval, make your blog professional, create traffic, then apply for approval.

Friends, if you prepare your blog based on the points mentioned above, then you will get the approval of Google Adsense and your blog will start earning.

Friends, I hope you liked today’s article about Google Adsense Approval Tips For Beginners. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my blog and social media profile.

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